MZFA Newsletter (Series 5)

MZFA Newsletter (Series 5, Vol. 1) “Drawing #783”

MZFA Newsletter (Series 5, Vol. 2) “Abstract Expressive #43”

MZFA Newsletter (Series 5, Vol. 3) “Panacea Pour l’âme Series, ~ Portals Subseries (Work XXX)”

MZFA Newsletter (Series 5, Vol. 4) “Geometric Compositional Series, Work #I”

MZFA Newsletter (Series 5, Vol. 5) “Santorini Sunset”

MZFA Newsletter (Series 5, Vol. 6) “Santorini Sunrise”

MZFA Newsletter (Series 5, Vol. 7) “El Regreso de los Toros (b.)”

MZFA Newsletter (Series 5, Vol. 8) “El Regreso de los Toros (d.)”

MZFA Newsletter (Series 5, Vol. 9) “Sofie”

MZFA Newsletter (Series 5, Vol. 10) “Twins”

MZFA Newsletter (Series 5, Vol. 11) “Billie”

MZFA Newsletter (Series 5, Vol. 12) “Open Swim”

MZFA Newsletter (Series 5, Vol. 13) “Redheaded Woman, – Electrified”

MZFA Newsletter (Series 5, Vol. 14) “Chance Meeting #3”

MZFA Newsletter (Series 5, Vol. 15) “The Mask”

MZFA Newsletter (Series 5, Vol. 16) “Chance Meeting #4”

MZFA Newsletter (Series 5, Vol. 17) “Cecelia”

MZFA Newsletter (Series 5, Vol. 18) “Prismatones”

MZFA Newsletter (Series 5, Vol. 19) “Chance Meeting #2”

MZFA Newsletter (Series 4)

MZFA Newsletter (Series 4, Vol. 1) –  “Panacea Pour l’âme Series – Work # IX”

MZFA Newsletter (Series 4, Vol. 2) –  “Casa”

MZFA Newsletter (Series 4, Vol. 3) –  “Incoming”

MZFA Newsletter (Series 4, Vol. 4) –  “Geometric Galaxy”

MZFA Newsletter (Series 4, Vol. 5) –  “Surrealist Drawing #152”

MZFA Newsletter (Series 4, Vol. 6) – “Drawing #171”

MZFA Newsletter (Series 4, Vol.7) – “Drawing #279”

MZFA Newsletter (Series 4, Vol.8) – “France, A Tower of Passion”

MZFA Newsletter (Series 4, Vol.9) – “Drawing #436”

MZFA Newsletter (Series 4, Vol.10) –  “Meeting Omnipotence”

MZFA Newsletter (Series 4, Vol.11) – “Chance Meeting”

MZFA Newsletter (Series 4, Vol.12) – “Drawing #581”

MZFA Newsletter (Series 4, Vol.13) – “Abstract #46”

MZFA Newsletter ( Series 4, Vol. 14) – “GCF #72”


MZFA Newsletter (Series 3)

MZFA Newsletter (Series 3, Vol.17) – “Panacea Pour l’âme Series – Work # XXXII”

MZFA Newsletter (Series 3, Vol.16) – “Panacea Pour l’âme Series – Work # XXVII”

MZFA Newsletter (Series 3, Vol.15) –  “See Life Series – Work #14”

MZFA Newsletter (Series 3, Vol.14) – “Panacea Pour l’âme Series – Work # XV”

MZFA Newsletter (Series 3, Vol.13) – “Panacea Pour l’âme Series – Work # XXXV”

MZFA Newsletter (Series 3, Vol.12) – “Redheaded Woman Series –  Smoldering Remains”

MZFA Newsletter (Series 3, Vol.11) – “Southwest Casa”

MZFA Newsletter (Series 3, Vol.10) – “Redheaded Woman Series – Mood Swings”

MZFA Newsletter (Series 3, Vol.9) – “Life Grid Disruptions”

MZFA Newsletter (Series 3, Vol.8) – “Redheaded Woman In Distress – Work I”

MZFA Newsletter (Series 3, Vol.7) –  “Panacea Pour l’âme Series – Work XXVI”

MZFA Newsletter (Series 3, Vol.6) –  “And so it has begun…Abiogenesis”

MZFA Newsletter (Series 3, Vol.5) – “See Life Series- Work #15”

MZFA Newsletter (Series 3, Vol.4) – “See Life Series – Work #13”

MZFA Newsletter (Series 3, Vol.3) – “See Life Series – Work #11”

MZFA Newsletter (Series 3, Vol.2) – “Redheaded Woman Series – Mixed Emotions”

MZFA Newsletter (Series 3, Vol.1) – “See Life Series – Work #10”


The human form has been a primary source subject matter since the dawn of painting. Conceived and displayed in infinite ways, in the end it always attempts to depict our strengths, our frailties, – and our mortality. My expanding repertoire of figurative artworks maintains a similar theme as those of the past. Through the use of my own painterly methods and a surreal color palette, I create works with intense moods and undeniably unique energies.


Created through the lens of abstraction, chosen life forms are refracted through an artist’s eyes and put down onto canvas. In my bio-abstract works, both in series and individual, I have chosen abstracting life forms from both the micro and macro living worlds. Many of my bio-works are framed within linear-geometric boundaries.

Raw Abstraction Expressive

This movement came about during the 1940’s in a rebellious effort to create non-conformist, non-representational art derived directly from the creative DNA of the artist. R.A.E. ( Raw Abstraction Expressive) art attempts to throw out all preconceived academic art notions. The ultimate goal here is to create directly and spontaneously from the soul without any man-made influences or constraints. My challenge when creating within this art classification is to make art purely from the gut, and not from art knowledge, – and to maintain full trust in the process.



Linear Geometric

Geometric abstraction emerged as a revolutionary modern art genre in the late 1800’s. In many ways, geometric art has the means of relating to the tangible aspects of life and living through the use non-representational shapes and forms. Two of the most notable initiators of this style of work were Wassily Kandinsky and Kazemir Malevich, both Russian born painters. My intention is to expand on this art genre by creating my own personal brand of unique and complex linear-geometric imagery.

Color Field Painting

Color field painting is an abstract art style that emerged in the late 1940’s and 1950’s in New York. At that time color left the world of fine art as just an influencing agent, and became the subject matter. As we well know today, the select use of color in art wields great power over our intellectual and emotional beings. In my Color Field works, I intend to continue to advance this style of art through a multitude of personally developed painterly styles and processes.